Griffiths & Company


Tuning & Maintenance:

We presently care for around 200 instruments in Dorset, Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, Surrey, and East and West Sussex.

Our portfolio ranges from small harmoniums through to large cathedral organs.

If you think we can be of assistance, please contact us.

As part of long term routine maintenance all pipe organs benefit from a comprehensive clean and overhaul every fifteen years or so.  In reality this is often stretched to twenty or twenty-five years.  If left too long though, some small problems, at first only evident to the player, become obvious to the listener.  Although relatively expensive, it is important that this work be undertaken if the organ is to remain in good working order.  It involves the removal of all the pipes for thorough cleaning, and in the case of a tracker organ, all of the action.  After careful cleaning any minor repairs necessitated by wear and tear can be undertaken, with new felts and leather buttons fitted during re-assembly.  The result, particularly of cleaning and re-setting the speech of the pipes, is often quite noticeable even to the most un-musical ear!  

Cleaning & Overhauling:


Much of our work involves genuine restoration of historically valuable instruments.  This can be exacting work, involving the use of correct materials and glues, together with a full understanding of how things were done in the past. For instruments worthy of such attention grants are often available.


In some cases, particularly if an instrument is moved to a new location, either within the building, or to another, it may be necessary to re-configure it to fit.  Great care needs to be taken to ensure everything is accessible, not only for tuning, but also for maintenance.  This can often mean replacement of pneumatic action with electro-pneumatic, together with re-wiring, and the fitting of a modern computer based processing system to power the action and console aids.