Griffiths & Company


With a background in Electrical Engineering, Geoff Griffiths began working in organ building in 1976.  In 1980 he went into business on his own, rapidly developing a tuning round and then moving on to carry out overhauls.  The first major overhaul being the electrification of the fine Walker organ at St James Church, Milton, in Portsmouth.

As the business expanded, he was joined by Andrew Cooper from Willis in 1988 and they formed the partnership of Griffiths & Cooper, part of the company being based on the Isle of Wight and the other on the mainland.  When the IBO was set up in 1996 they were founder members.

Developments in recent years have made it more practical for the two parts of the company to function as independent businesses so in 2011 Griffiths and Company began trading.

Based in Portsmouth, we are a small team skilled in all aspects of Organ Building. We have nearly 200 instruments in our care for routine tuning and maintenance.

In addition, we are able to undertake restoration and overhaul work on all types, from the smallest Harmonium to the largest pipe organ.